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July 4, 2016Column: global calendar

Happy 4th July! xoxo

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Oh Canada!

July 1, 2016Column: global calendar

O Canada! Happy Canada Day to our Northern neighbors!

✈ Oh Canada from Jet Set Candy’s Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈

Hooray for Summer!

June 20, 2016Column: FeaturedColumn: global calendarColumn: Jet Set Candy Land

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Global Calendar: November

November 1, 2015Column: global calendar

The month of November is full of food, style, and animal love. Honor the dead in Mexico, head to the Melbourne Cup in your most stylish outfit, be a pirate of the Caribbean, and celebrate the under-appreciated turnip. Then spend some quality time with the camels, elephants, and monkeys, making a pitstop to give thanks with your family of course.

✈ Global Calendar: November from Jet Set Candy’s Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈

November 1–2
Build an altar and raise a toast to ghostly visitors on Dia de los Muertos. See the streets of Mexico filled with skeletons ready for a bone-chilling celebration for those who have passed.

November 3
Join 100,000 spectators in your most stylish threads to watch the greatest thoroughbreds from around the world battle it out at Melbourne Cup.

November 5
Celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in an appropriately explosive fashion. Light up a bonfire, send off the fireworks, and watch an effigy of the UK’s most famous traitor burn.

November 11 (6pm–8pm)
Celebrate Jet Set Candy’s first birthday and official Bloomingdale’s launch at our Flight 59 Event at the 59th St Bloomingdale’s in New York City. Enjoy inflight-themed shopping and canapés—plus music by celebrity guest DJ Gillian Sagansky of W Magazine. Then, take home a limited edition NYC-themed gift with your Jet Set Candy jewelry purchase.

November 12–22
Don your pirate garb and sail to the Cayman Islands for the Pirate’s Week Festival. There’s enough music, food, games and adventure to make you sing “a pirate’s life is the life for me.”

November 13
See the sleepy Zurich area of Switzerland transformed into an impressive display of turnips carved, lit up, and stacked into sculptures, ready to be paraded around town. The Räbechilbi Turnip Festival will make you rethink your indifference towards this particular root vegetable.

November 18–25
The Pushkar Camel Fair isn’t all about the camels these days. Wander the camel grounds, ride the ferris wheels, and see if your mustache can stand up against the competition.

November 21–22
The Surin Elephant Round-up is like an elephant olympics. Cheer them on as they play soccer, sprint, pick up tiny objects with their trunks, and play tug-o-war with 70 buff soldiers.

November 26
Spend a day giving thanks and relaxing with your family on Thanksgiving. Put some football on tv and stuff yourself with as much turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie as possible. Or head to NYC to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade roll down 5th Ave.

November 28
At the Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand more than 4 tons of fruits, vegetables, cakes, and candies are set down in front of temples for the monkeys living in the area to feast upon.

Global Calendar: March

February 28, 2015Column: global calendar

Looking for an excuse to go on vacation? Choose a date on our Global Calendar to discover March’s must-see events around the world.

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