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Spotlight on British and London Charms in Honor of Meghan & Harry’s Royal Wedding

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Since we’re celebrating all things British and royal this week in honor of Meghan and Harry’s forthcoming Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle, we thought it would be fun to feature some of our favorite travel charms from our British and London charm collection. I love England and have been many times so it is no surprise that we included many London charms and also charms for the United Kingdom when we launched our travel charm collection back in October 2014. Below is a British charm bracelet featuring a variety of travel charms for both London as well as charms representing the U.K.
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The Ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir List

May 17, 2018Column: Travel Makes Life SweetColumn: Uncategorized

The Ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir List from Jet Set Candy

The Ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir List from Jet Set Candy

Here at Jet Set Candy, we love chic souvenirs, especially British Souvenirs. And Royal Weddings. And Meghan & Harry. So of course we are having a blast seeing all of the truly unique Royal Wedding souvenirs that have been created to commemorate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Whether you’re lucky enough to attend the Royal Wedding (or at least be in England for this epic occasion) or if you simply want a souvenir to mark your memories of it from afar then look no further.  And we promise, we are huge fans of the British Royal Family and aren’t just jumping on the Royal Bandwagon (so to speak). In fact, when we launched our travel-inspired jewelry collection back in October 2014, we launched with more travel charms and jewelry for London and the U.K. than we did for anywhere else (well, I think we were tied with New York but that’s our hometown!).

So without further ado, here are our favorite Meghan and Harry souvenirs we’ve found and we think they are the best Royal Wedding Souvenirs out there. They certainly are playful (and a little cheeky, just like us). We hope this is the Royal Wedding Souvenir Round-Up to end all round ups. Enjoy.