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Sneak Peek: Jet Set Candy Khanjar Dagger Charm

February 24, 2014Column: Sneak Peek

 A symbol of courage and valor, the khanjar dagger is a lethal instrument of self-defense. Equally popular as an adornment at weddings and funerals. Now that’s versatile! Your JSC Middle Eastern Khanjar Dagger Charm is a decorative replica of the national emblem of Oman. Available soon!

✈ Sneek Peek: Khanjar Dagger Charm from Jet Set Candy's Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈


The Musts: Dubai

February 21, 2014Column: The Musts

Once a small pearl-fishing village on the Arabian Gulf, this “shopping capital of the Middle East” has grown into a destination known for fun, relaxation, luxury brands, fast cars, five-star hotels and burgeoning hot-spots. Showcasing man-made islands, the tallest building in the world and some impressive heat, Dubai offers something for everyone. Marhaban!

✈ Musts for Dubai from Jet Set Candy’s Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈

1. Rest those pedicured trotters at the Vogue Café for fresh sushi, Asian salads and wheat-free options. 2. Shoe heaven: Level Shoes offer 250 designer names including Alaïas, Chanel, Louboutin and more. 3. Visit the past at the Dubai museum, with insight into its history and cultural heritage on offer. 4. Sip and dine at the Buddha Bar for chill-out music and great food amid 20 metres of soaring glass. 5. Ride a camel upon rippling sands and finish the day with dinner under the stars and Shisha. 6. Shop up a desert storm at Harvey Nichols: designer brands, beauty + restaurant Al’ Maz by Momo 7. Absorb Emirati culture and religion at the Jumeirah Mosque, a beautiful landmark open to non-Muslims. 8. Shop, dine, indulge, see a movie and…go indoor skiing. The Mall of the Emirates, like Dubai, has it all. 9. Glittery treasures await: ignite the senses amidst the famous souks of Dubai: gold, fish, spice and textiles. 10.  Go downtown Dubai and take in the city atop Burj Khalifa’s observation deck on the 124th floor.