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Sneak Peek: British Smarties Charm!

April 7, 2014Column: Sneak Peek

Indulge in a sweet British tradition with this classic, candy-coated chocolate first manufactured in York, England, 1937. It’s a treat good enough to eat! Seven types of Smarties—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and pink—can be found inside the gilded tube of the JSC British Smarties Charm, while each enameled delight is joined to the next via a small, chain link.

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✈ Sneak Peek: British Smarties Charm from Jet Set Candy’s Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈

Sneak Peek: Jet Set Candy Khanjar Dagger Charm

February 24, 2014Column: Sneak Peek

 A symbol of courage and valor, the khanjar dagger is a lethal instrument of self-defense. Equally popular as an adornment at weddings and funerals. Now that’s versatile! Your JSC Middle Eastern Khanjar Dagger Charm is a decorative replica of the national emblem of Oman. Available soon!

✈ Sneek Peek: Khanjar Dagger Charm from Jet Set Candy's Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈


Sneak Peek: Caipirinha Charm

December 30, 2013Column: Sneak Peek

Sugar, lime and cachaça on ice. There’s a carnival in every sip of the caipirinha. A tribute to Brazil’s national cocktail, the miniature cocktail shaker of your JSC Caipirinha Charm will open on a tiny hinge to reveal a lime “caipirinha” splash inside. Just shake and pour. Saúde!


✈ Sneak Peek: JSC Caipirinha Charm from Jet Set Candy's Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈


Sneak Peek ~ Propeller Plane Charm

December 23, 2013Column: Sneak Peek

Chase your dreams across the globe on the wings of desire! Jet Set Candy’s Propeller Plane Charm comes with spinning tiny wheels and propeller, all emblazoned with the official Jet Set Candy insignia. Soon it will be time for takeoff!

✈ Sneak Peek: Propeller Plane Charm from Jet Set Candy's Blog, the Charming Jetsetter ✈