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Best of the Philippines: Boracay

Best of the Philippines: Boracay

If you love the idea of an island vacation, Boracay is considered one of the best islands in Asia and well, pretty much the world. It's famous for its blue waters and endless stretches of sandy powder white beaches. Thanks to the efforts of locals and the Philippines government, Boracay’s ocean remains crystal clear and clean. With so many things to eat and do (or not do and just relax), you’ll never run out of reasons to love Boracay. 




Beach is a 4 km stretch of soft white sand lapped by turquoise waters and fringed by palm trees. It’s perfect for those who love swimming, snorkeling, and sailing or just getting some much needed R&R thanks to its flat, calm waters. Plus, White Beach is considered the top diving site in the Philippines.  



White beach is divided into three stations. If you’ve got cash to burn and want to treat yourself, staying in a fancy and luxury resort, Station 1 is your top choice. Station 2 is bustling to say the least and a convenient area for those who love shopping and partying.


The majority of the water activities are in this area, too! Station 3 is calm and not crowded so if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices, this is the place for you. It’s easy enough to walk between these three stations or, if you want to travel in style, you can take one of these colorful Philippines tricycle taxis you’ll find right on the street. 




Simply taking in a sunset is one of the things you don’t want to miss in Boracay. You can watch the sunset from the beaches, restaurants, or even your hotel room. But the most unforgettable experience in Boracay is watching the stunning sunset on a Paraw Sailing Boat. These are small boats with two sails that look like little kites dancing on the water and a pair of outriggers like large crab-claws, called "katig."



Upon boarding the boat, you will be seated on the outriggers with your bare feet! Sea waves licking your legs, wind blowing across your face, and the yellow-orange sunset coloring the sky. Ahhh, Is there anything more lovely than a relaxing ride on the ocean to watch the sunset go down? Our guess is, no!




What beach day would be complete without the perfect beach beverage? It doesn’t get more refreshing than sipping out of a coconut. A real coconut! Pair it with a sweet and juicy Mangosteen fruit. These little purple treats are often referred to as the “Queen of Fruit” and can be found throughout Southeast Asia and are known for having lots of antioxidants!



Not everyone knows how to open a mangosteen. Here’s a tip: First, remove the stem end and twist it off. Second, press in on the indentation of the top. Third, gently squeeze from the side to break apart, but don’t push too hard. Finally, you can open it really easily and enjoy the sweet white soft flesh inside! 


Wanna try something else special? Get a cup of Philippines Yogurt mixed with papaya, cereal and blueberry jam, and of course, there are a lot more fruity flavors you can choose!




The half-day Island hopping trip is the best way to escape the crowds in White Beach. Puka Beach, Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, Tambisaan Beach, Balinghai Beach and Magic Island are the popular destinations. If you want to explore all the snorkelling hotspots, wander around nature, and enjoy the tranquillity on the beaches, make sure you book a tour in advance! They have the most professional and friendly tour guides, so you won’t miss any must-see spot!