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Your first trip.
Spring break.
That semester abroad.
A vacation with your best friend.
Where you met your love.
Your honeymoon.
Or even that place on your bucket list.

Each story is one of a kind, and it’s our job to help you tell it. Here are some pointers on how to start your JSC collection.

Can't-Go-Wrong Starter Sets

Luggage Tag Starter Set

We always say to close your eyes and think of the place that has the most special meaning to you and to start with that place. If it’s a city or specific locale then you can’t go wrong with a classic luggage tag bundle that lets you choose from over 200 cities worldwide. If a country popped into your head then start with a Passport Stamp Starter Set.

Passport Stamp Starter Set

Choose from over 200 countries. Passport stamp charms are inspired by the actual entry and exit stamps for each individual country and territory.

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JSC Glossary

Bracelet: Infinity

JSC’s take on the charm bracelet, but way easier. No visit to a jeweler necessary. Links open and close instantly so you can add, subtract, and swap charms in a snap. SHOP CHARM BRACELETS

Charms: 3D

Just what they sound like! Vespa wheels that spin, beer steins that open, windmill blades that catch a breeze, Matryoshka dolls that nest, and everything in between. These charms celebrate the well, charming sights and traditions of places around the world. SHOP ALL 3D CHARMS

Charms: Luggage Tags

Shaped like the essential suitcase accessory, our luggage tag charms call out airports in over 200 cities across the globe. You’ll see the corresponding three-letter IATA (International Air Transport Association) code as well as those little details that truly represent a place. SHOP ALL LUGGAGE TAGS

Charms: Passport Stamps

Available in sterling silver and solid gold, our passport stamp charms are inspired by the actual entry and exit stamps for each individual country and territory. Flags, national languages, folklore, crests, symbols, and important landmarks make an appearance in over 200 countries. SHOP PASSPORT STAMP CHARMS

Metal: Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil (pronounced “ver-may”) is 925 solid sterling silver dipped in 14K gold. Our layer of gold is 2.5 microns thick which, in non-tech talk, means it’s the good stuff. SHOP GOLD VERMEIL

Metal: Sterling Silver

That little “925” you see on your JSC charms translates to sterling silver and indicates that our products are 92.5% pure silver while the remaining 7.5% is made up of metals including zinc and copper for jewelry that’s super durable and more resistant to scratches and dents. All JSC sterling silver is nickel and lead free. Plus, all of your products are made up of more than 70% recycled precious metals which means we’re helping the Earth by decreasing demand for newly mined materials. SHOP STERLING SILVER


Some of our most loved charms made tiny & shiny. Same great details and designs but pint-sized to add variety to your collection or perfect for younger jetsetters. SHOP SOLID GOLD MINI CHARMS


All of our jewelry plays really well together so you can’t go wrong. We love mixing metals, adding pops of colors, varying different sizes of charms, and incorporating two-tone charms to tie it all together. 

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