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Passport Stamp Travel Charms

A passport stamp is the ultimate souvenir. It's a badge of honor. It's the cold, hard proof that you went there, you did that, and you've got a story to tell. And with over 200 different passport stamp charms in our collection, JSC lets you wear where you've been and where you're going.


Sterling Silver Passport Stamp Charms General Info and FAQs

What's the difference between Luggage Tag and Passport Stamp charms?


Our Luggage Tag Charms are shaped like vintage luggage tags (a.k.a. bag tags) and feature a large range of cities and other locales. Each features the location’s airport code (IATA code) and includes other details related to the place represented. All standard size luggage tag charms are available in sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 14k solid gold. 

To see a list of  all of our Luggage Tag Charms, click here.


Our Passport Stamp Charms includes charms for over 200 countries (all 195 countries recognized by the U.N. plus a few that aren’t). The design for each passport stamp charm is based on the country’s actual stamp you would receive in your passport upon entry! All standard size passport stamp charms are available in sterling silver and 14k solid gold.

To see a list of  all of our Passport Stamp Charms, click here.

I'm feeling overwhelmed and I'm not sure where to start. Do you have some suggestions?

In our store, we always like to ask our customers what their absolute favorite places are. If the first place that pops into your head is a particular city then you may want to start with one of our luggage tag charms that feature city and locale names along with their respective airport codes and other fun details. If it was a country that came to your mind first, then maybe you should start with our passport stamp charms.

If you are unsure if you want to have a mixed-metal bracelet or a single metal bracelet, then we suggest starting with a single metal (the metal you find yourself wearing the most). You can always add charms in another metal color later on. 

If you aren’t ready to commit to building a charm bracelet then check out our charm necklace bundles. These necklaces offer a great base for beginning your Jet Set Candy collection and can always be added to over time.

If you know you want to start building a charm bracelet and grow it over time, we recommend that you start with an infinity bracelet as this style allows for many charms to be added. Additional links can also be added to an infinity link bracelet and you can even create a necklace by combining the links of two bracelets.

Our charm bracelet bundles are also a great jumping off point as they include curated assortments that look great and come at a variety of price points. More charms can be added to them later as your collection grows.

Do your charms fit on all of your bracelets and chains?

Yes. All of our charms come with oversized jump rings that easily slip onto all of our chains and are compatible with all our charm bracelet styles.

Do you take suggestions for new charms?

Yes! We always love hearing ideas from our customers. Please send us a note to telling us what charms you’d love to see from us.

What charms can be engraved?

All of our regular size passport stamp charms, luggage tag charms, and our customizable charms can be engraved with a message on the back. The customizable charms also have areas on the front that can be engraved. We do not currently offer engraving for 3D charms or solid gold mini charms. The front designs of the Passport Stamp and Luggage Tag charms cannot be changed or engraved.

How do I add charms to my Jet Set Candy Bracelet?

Jet Set Candy charm bracelets are designed so you can add charms in an instant without visiting a jeweler. Made in Italy, our premium Infinity links open and close via a spring hinge, you simply need to push in to the link to add the charm and the link will close on its own once it has been released (if you look up close at your bracelet, you’ll see tiny seams that are invisible from far away…push near these to open). The fun part about not having to have your charms soldered onto your bracelet is that you can constantly change up your charms —by theme, by year, by metal color, by continent…the possibilities are endless—or even add links together to form a charm necklace. 

If you have a bracelet that requires soldering, you will simply need to bring to your jeweler and they can add and solder our charms on. But you also may consider switching to our Infinity Charm Bracelet. Here’s a review left by one of our customers: 


“Time to switch over: I got this bracelet in gold and was SO happy that I decided to get it in silver so that I could replace my existing charm bracelet and move all my charms over. I was able to move my charms to the new bracelet in 15 minutes. Weight is spot on. Perfection. I *love* not [having] to wait to attach charms because when you get a memento charm you want to wear it!!”

Can I mix Luggage Tag and Passport Stamp charms for bracelets?

Yes, you can definitely mix luggage tag and passport stamp charms. The great thing about our collection is that there is no wrong way to build your collection and all of our charms play really well with one another. We love styling bracelets with alternating styles, metals, 3D and flat charms–whatever your heart desires!

Do all of your charms come in Sterling Silver?

With the exception of select styles from our Solid Gold Mini Charm Collection, all other charms are available in Sterling Silver.

Is your silver "sterling silver"?

Yes, we only use sterling silver. In order for silver to qualify as “sterling silver” it must contain 92.5% silver. The other 7.5% of the metal used in our jewelry comes from copper, zinc or a combination of the two. This is why our sterling silver and gold vermeil charms are marked with 925.

Do you make mini versions of all your charms?

We only offer a small selection of mini charms available in sterling silver. We also offer Solid Gold mini charm versions of much of our collection. Select silver mini charms are sometimes available in our retail and airport locations.

How can I care for my sterling silver charms?

To maintain the shine and quality of your sterling silver passport stamp charms, it's recommended to store them in their jewelry pouch when not in use. However, the best way to care for your jewelry is to wear it! Your skin will naturally polish the silver jewelry as you wear it and will keep it looking shiny. Just make sure to avoid exposing your charms to harsh chemicals or prolonged sunlight, and in general we recommend removing jewelry prior to showering or washing with soap, swimming in chlorinated or salt water, doing house cleaning with harsh chemicals, or exercising (the salt in sweat can be damaging to the metals). 

You can also periodically clean your collection with a soft cloth to remove any tarnish, and for a more heavy duty clean we recommend a silver polish.

For our complete product care guide, click here.

Are your charms nickel-free?

Yes, all of our jewelry is nickel-free and made exclusively from 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold. Many people have at least a slight allergy to nickel which can leave a green-ish mark on their skin. Nickel is often found in costume jewelry made from brass or other base metals.