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Product Care


Jet Set Candy offers collectible keepsake pieces made from high quality materials by skilled artisans. When looked after properly, jewelry can last a lifetime and become a cherished family heirloom.

Silver and gold are inherently soft materials and as a precious product, we recommend that your Jet Set Candy piece be treated with care. With the use of soft metals, jewelry becomes vulnerable with use and although manufacturing and workmanship is of the highest quality, we incorporate intricate parts and materials that require due care.

Be on the lookout for normal wear-and-tear to your jewelry pieces, as sometimes clasps and chain links can become damaged over time. For any weakness or damage, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler you trust for immediate repair.

At the time of purchase, directly from Jet Set Candy, all jewelry is wrapped in a tarnish-resistant pouch and protective box. Between usage, we recommend that you place your jewelry back in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch.

To ensure the longevity of your Jet Set Candy piece, please follow our recommended, general tips:

  • Avoid wearing in water and remove before showering/washing.
  • Avoid sleeping in jewelry.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, lotions, perfumes and other cosmetics as they can cause permanent damage.
  • We suggest professional cleanings once a year as many environmental elements and usage can dull, tarnish and scratch the surface of jewelry. At the same time, have your jewelry checked for loose fittings and general wear and tear.
  • Store in a cool dark place, preferably individually, in a jewelry cloth bag.


Jet Set Candy offers a two-year warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for genuine Jet Set Candy products. The warranty covers damage that in the opinion of Jet Set Candy is not caused by accident or inappropriate use, ordinary wear and tear, modification, attempted repair, negligence or by failure to follow Jet Set Candy’s general product care guidelines.

Please contact or phone +1 212 796 6922 if you have any questions.