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Charm Bracelets

Tell your own story with a travel-themed charm bracelet that reminds you of those amazing memories you've made (or plan on making). Each link on our Infinity Charm Bracelets opens via a spring hinge for instant attachability. Our charms and charm bracelets are meticulously crafted from quality precious metals and come in sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and solid gold. Visit the bracelet guide.

Tell your own story with a travel-themed charm bracelet. Our charms and charm bracelets are crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and solid gold and each link on our Infinity Charm Bracelets opens so you can instantly attach your charms.  Visit the bracelet guide.


Charm Bracelet General Info and FAQs

Our charm bracelet styles:

Charm bracelets are a timeless way to tell your own unique story and are the ultimate expression of personalized jewelry. We offer a range of charm bracelets at different price points that allow you to mix and match your different charms to tell your own personal travel-themed story. All of our charm bracelets are made with precious metals including sterling silver (with 925 purity), gold vermeil (sterling silver coated with a heavy layer of 14k gold), and solid 14k gold. 

Our Infinity Link Charm Bracelets are our most popular charm bracelets and each link on them opens via a spring-hinge, allowing you to mix and match your charms on your charm bracelet and to change how you style them depending on the day. You can even add more links (we also call them “charm holders”) to grow your charm bracelet into a charm necklace or you can simply string our charms onto a necklace chain (or charm’s jump rings are oversized to easily slide on to chains). 

Our Daily Bracelets come with a “charm clip” that also allows for instant attachability.  

Our charm bracelets allow you to collect and build your charm collection over time and we have tons of charms to choose from and we are always coming out with more. If you are an avid traveler, check out our Passport Stamp Charms, Luggage Tag Charms as well as our Micro-tourism collection.  We offer engraving on the backs of all of our Passport Stamp and Luggage Tag Charms and also have a wide variety of fully customizable charms if you want something even more personalized. And if you love everything miniature, you will love our 3D charms with so many fun details and movable parts or possibly our mini charms (we like mixing up the sizes just as much as we like mixing up the metals).

How do I decide which bracelet to begin with?

If you are planning on building a charm collection over time, we recommend that you start with the Infinity Bracelet charm bracelet as this style allows for many charms to be added. We believe this beloved style is the perfect classic charm bracelet. But you don’t have to believe us, we encourage you to read all of the wonderful 5-star reviews from our customers. Additional links can also be added to an infinity link bracelet and you can even create a necklace by combining the links of two bracelets. 

If you know you want to start building a charm bracelet with multiple charms then you may want to start with one of our charm bracelet bundles located here. Our charm bracelet bundles offer curated assortments that look great and come at a variety of price points. More charms can be added to them later as your collection grows. 

Our other popular style of charm bracelets are our Daily Charm Bracelets. It is an affordable option that is great for daily wear, layering, and for gifts! The Daily is especially great if you want to showcase a single charm or a small group of charms. Paperclip links make up the base of this bracelet and each Daily Charm Bracelet  comes with a round clip charm holder where you can add 1,2,3 or more charms. We call these the Daily Bracelets because you’ll find yourself wearing yours 365 days a year. The Daily Bracelets also make great gifts.  

Finally, a perfect convergence of our Infinity and Daily bracelets is the Convertible. This style features the same paperclip links as the Daily, along with your choice of Infinity links to attach charms in a unique asymmetrical style. The best part is the Convertible can be twice around your wrist as a bracelet, or once to be worn as a charm necklace! And more or less infinity links can be added to make room for even more charms.

I’m not sure how to start my charm bracelet. Any advice?

The great thing about Jet Set Candy is that there is no wrong way to start your collection and all of our charms pair really well with one another. Decide which style suits your taste and lifestyle best, and the fun begins! We always like to ask our customers what their absolute favorite places are. If the first place that pops into your head is a particular city then you may want to start with one of our luggage tag charms that feature city and locale names along with their respective airport codes and other fun details. If it was a country that came to your mind first, then maybe you should start with our passport stamp charms. 

Our bundles offer a great jumping off point for charms for bracelets and can always be added to over time.

How do I determine the right size of charm bracelet to buy?

Our most popular length Infinity Charm Bracelet is our 13-link style that is 7.67” long.  If you are petite and/or have petite wrists, you will likely only require our 12-link charm bracelet which is 7.25” long, and if you have larger wrists, we recommend a 15-link infinity bracelet. Links can be removed if your bracelet feels too loose (and you can wear the additional link as a charm holder on a necklace chain so it won’t go to waste) and extra links—we call them “Charm Holders”—can also be purchased separately and added to your bracelet if you discover you need a larger size. To determine your bracelet size, measure your wrist and add approximately half an inch for a comfortable fit. Jet Set Candy offers adjustable and customizable options to ensure the perfect fit for every wearer. 

Our other charm bracelets come in 7” and 8” options, although if different sizing is needed please contact us and we will be happy to help. We recommend the same measuring as stated above to find your best fit in the Daily, Convertible, and Paperclip bracelets.

If purchasing for a gift, we typically recommend choosing a larger size for the recipient or including some extra links just in case so they are able to wear their bracelet immediately.

Are Jet Set Candy charm bracelets suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Jet Set Candy charm bracelets are designed for everyday wear and are versatile enough to complement any outfit or occasion and our high-quality metals stand up to normal wear and tear. If you work on a computer most days, you may prefer our Daily Bracelet (again, there’s a reason we named it that!).

Do all of your bracelets and charms come in both gold and silver?

Our Infinity Charm Bracelet comes in 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Solid 14k Gold. 

The Slim Infinity Charm Bracelet is available exclusively in 14k solid gold and is the perfect bracelet for our solid gold mini charms. 

Our Daily Charm Bracelets and Paperclip bracelets are available in Silver and Gold Vermeil.  Stay tuned as we are always adding to our collection!

Do Jet Set Candy charm bracelets come with a warranty?

Yes, Jet Set Candy offers a warranty on their charm bracelets to ensure customer satisfaction. Please refer to the warranty terms and conditions for more details on coverage and exclusions.

Regardless of our official warranty policy, we aim to keep our customers happy. Here’s what one of our customers said in a review:

“The absolute best Jet Set Candy policy is if you do not like the item received simply contact them and they will make it right. I honestly have never had better customer service.”

—Mary J.

Can I add non-Jet-Set-Candy charms to a Jet Set Candy charm bracelet?

Yes. As long as your charm has a standard or oversized jump ring, you can add them to both our Infinity Link and Daily Charm bracelets. Most charms with a clasp attachment will also work. On the off chance one of your charms doesn’t happen to fit on our charm bracelets due to a missing jump ring or something else, a local jeweler should be able to add a soldered jump ring.

I already have a charm bracelet. Can I add Jet Set Candy Charms to it?

Yes. If you have a bracelet that requires soldering, you will simply need to take it to your jeweler and they can add and solder our charms on. But you also may consider switching to our Infinity Charm Bracelet. Here’s a review left by one of our customers: 

“Time to switch over: I got this bracelet in gold and was SO happy that I decided to get it in silver so that I could replace my existing charm bracelet and move all my charms over. I was able to move my charms to the new bracelet in 15 minutes. Weight is spot on. Perfection. I *love* not [having] to wait to attach charms because when you get a memento charm you want to wear it!!”

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil (pronounced: ver-MAY) is the official industry name for a heavy gold electroplating over a base sterling silver material, meaning that only precious metals are used in gold vermeil jewelry. A minimum thickness of 2.5 microns of gold must be deposited before it can be marked or sold as Vermeil. Standard gold plating is typically 0.5 microns thick which means that the gold coating used in vermeil is at least 5 times the thickness of typical gold plated jewelry (ours is at least 6 times the thickness). Jet Set Candy uses the superiority of gold vermeil over standard gold-plating as it is higher quality and more durable.

Gold vermeil is also superior to gold fill and other standard gold-plated jewelry as they usually consist of either a base of silver or brass with only a very thin layer of real gold.

Gold vermeil is an excellent alternative to solid gold  if you love the look of gold but aren’t ready to commit to solid gold. And because it is made with all precious metals, vermeil jewelry is inherently valuable. Vermeil jewelry is much more durable than normal plated jewelry but still may need to be re-dipped on occasion over the years. We offer redipping services. Email us here if you wish to have some jewelry redipped.

While gold vermeil is a great more affordable alternative to solid gold and has far more durability than typical gold-plated jewelry, if you are looking to build an heirloom-quality charm bracelet that can be passed down for generations to come, then we recommend choosing sterling silver and solid gold charms. We do however offer a Solid Gold Upgrade Program where you can buy something in Gold Vermeil and, if you later decide you want to upgrade to Solid Gold down the road, you only have to pay the difference. You can read more about our Upgrade Program here.

How do I care for my charm bracelet?

In general we recommend removing jewelry prior to showering or washing with soap, swimming in chlorinated or salt water, doing house cleaning with harsh chemicals, or exercising (the salt in sweat can be damaging to the metals). 

Silver loves to be worn and looks better frequently worn rather than if it is stored (and will require less polishing). The oils on your body will keep Silver looking shiny.  So wear it as much as possible. 

Jewelry should be stored in cool areas, preferably in the protective pouches we provide. Air can create oxidation (which causes tarnishing) so storing out in the open should be avoided. 

 Silver polish is also great for cleaning sterling silver, but it should not be used on vermeil. Vermeil can be cleaned with either a dry polishing cloth or a small bit of soap and water. 

For our complete product care guide, click here.