Infinity Link Bracelet Guide

These bracelets are conversation starters. Aside from looking great, they’re also your wearable passport of past adventures.

Two Classic Styles

Comes in silver, gold vermeil, and solid gold.
Available in solid gold
Made for mini charms
Offers a more delicate look

Our Charm Bracelets are all about a few unique features

Add charms without
a trip to the jeweler

Easily expands to a necklace

Add more links to make an infinity necklace. We said there were infinite possibilities, right?!
Each link opens for infinite options

Two Classic Styles

Bracelet Size Chart

Standard Chain

Size Silver Gold Solid Gold
7” | 11 Links - - $1,998
7.08” | 12 Links $298 $398 -
7.67” | 13 Links $323 $431 -
8.26” | 14 Links $321 $464 -
8.85” | 15 Links $373 $497 -
Extra Link (.59”) $25 / link $33 / link -

Slim Chain

Size Silver Gold Solid Gold
7.9” | 15 Links - - $998

Styling Tips

Build Your Collection
By Odd Numbers

Start with 1
Then 3
Move to 5
And keep loading up from there!

More is More!

Each can hold up anywhere from 2 to 4 charms
depending on the size.

Mix and Match

All our charms play well together and we love mixing different shapes, sizes, and metals!

Perfect Fit

Your charm bracelet shouldn’t be too snug or too loose. Add or subtract as many links as you like to get that “just right” moment.

Size Comparison

Feeling stuck on how to start?
OR build multiple bracelets to represent
different chapters of your travel story!
Bucket List destinations
Best of each country or continent
Ode to your top city
A year of travel
OR build multiple bracelets to represent
different chapters of your travel story!
2011 - 2016

Wanna wow your co-pilot?

Showcase your trips together over the years by engraving charms with travel dates for a personalized anniversary gift.

Wear your whimsy

Our 3D charms spin, open and close, dance, and surprise while celebrating the ever iconic from all around the world.

Need guidance on where to start?

Book an appointment here.