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Embrace the Rainbow: Highlights from the Color Enamel Collection

Embrace the Rainbow: Highlights from the Color Enamel Collection
Nothing says Pride month (or summer, really) like COLOR! And we've got loads of it! Our color enamel collection covers rings, earrings, and charms of all shapes and sizes. We're talking cute and tiny, totally customizable, moveable, 3D, seasonal, and even birthstone-friendly for the perfect bday gifts this summer. And even better, all color enamel is 25% OFF now through June 11th. Go ahead, embrace the rainbow! And start with some of our absolute faves.

Bespoke passport book charm, blue enamel travel charm


 Finally! A charm that tells your whole travel story! Yes, it exists. Between the cover of the dazzling blue enamel passport book are four pages of your (and only your) adventures. Select up to 10 unique passport stamps that represent where you've been (or even where you're going!) to adorn the pages in vibrant colors.

Bespoke passport book, blue enamel, travel charms

Choose from our assortment of over 200 passport stamps designs that are inspired by actual entry and exit stamps for oh, so many countries and territories around the globe. Then, for the finishing touch, add a personalized message, your initials, or a date on the back. We wish all passport books could be this fabulous.

Silver and Gold Air mail charms, customizable, air mail charms


Air mail, a captivating chapter in communication history, took flight in the early 20th century. Pioneered by daring aviators, it revolutionized mail delivery by soaring through the skies. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global network, airmail transformed the way we connect across continents, making the world feel smaller and more accessible. And we've captured its essence, and the delightful aesthetic, in another charm that you can make totally your own. The Air Mail charm makes a lovely and thoughtful giftie for birthdays, Mother's Day, graduates, long distance friends, and anyone who still appreciates a letter these days! Or at least something that looks like it was made just for them because it was! (You may have noticed we are all about the personal here!) Engrave a message in the delivery address area, share who it’s from in the return address, and add a special date or symbol in the postmark stamp. Go all out and get creative with a quote, initials, or special saying on the back flap, complete with a red enamel heart. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s the perfect gift for everyone, even you. 
enamel compass ring travel rainbow


Looking to rock a little ROYGBIV? We've got just the thing. Navigation gets a little splash of color with this rainbow enamel compass ring. The most colorful member of our ring family yet features cardinal directions and those little ordinal directions in between in a range of eye-catching hues that suggest vibrant adventures await. Move the ring around to showcase the colors that best suit your mood. It's almost like having multiple rings in one. This piece looks great on its own or stacked with other bright enamel rings (and we've got tons of those, but you knew that already!) 

Blue enamel globe earrings travel


For those of us who want to say "world traveller" from heard to toe, we've heard you and have a pair of studs with your name on 'em. Live your global citizen fantasy and look stunning doing it with our pair of blue enamel globe earrings. Mix and match with our array of stylish studs and tell a daring color story with multiple piercings and a rainbow of studs. Adorning our ears in creative ways has been blowing up since last summer and we say, keep the trend going!  

Oh, the places you'll go grad charm travel


 You know the book. Now meet the charm! It's a total no-brainer for the grad in your life and a little token of your support they take with them to all the places they'll go! The brand new grad charm features the titular line from Dr. Seuss’s much-quoted book. “Oh, the places you’ll go” is engraved in bold letters across a playfully askew 4-tiered directional sign. The author himself is credited on the back. Find it paired with a chain or even part of a thoughtfully constructed gift set filled lots of colorful goodies that just feel festive! There's even more to explore for the grad in your life in our Graduation Gift Guide. Get an A+ in gifting and we swear, it's not cheating!  


 There's tons more to explore in the world of color  (believe us, it was hard to choose!) So, find what inspires you and live life in full color!