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Inside Scoop: Passport Stamps

Inside Scoop: Passport Stamps
A passport stamp is the ultimate souvenir. It’s a badge of honor. It’s the cold, hard proof that you went there, you did that, and you’ve got a story to tell. 

But who ever sees your passport? That is, aside from the lucky border agent who has also had the privilege of checking out the worst documented hair day of your entire life.

Jet Set Candy takes your most prized travel possession, dips it in sterling silver and solid gold, and lets you rock it out in the real world. With over 200 different passport stamp charms in our collection, your next destination, favorite vacation, or bucket list locale is just waiting to debut. No awkward passport photo required! Whew!


People sometimes ask, where do our passport stamp designs come from? And we say, the real thing! Each stamp is inspired by the entry and exit stamps for each individual country and territory.