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I’m very lucky to say that I spend about three weeks a year in Paris for work. The Food! The style! The lights…what’s not to love about Paris?! Yes, much has been written about Paris but there is a reason for that… as we all know, Paris never gets old! 


My strategy is to live like a chic local while still taking in the hits of Paris and if you stay where we stay, you are setting yourself up to have the most picture-perfect long weekend in Paris. I’m convinced we stay in the absolute best place in all of Paris. We stay at a beautiful studio apartment in the Palais Royale. It’s beautifully decorated and the owners are absolutely wonderful hosts. Sophie has created a giant binder of Paris recommendations is worth it alone. If you’re lucky (like us) and get to know her over time, she may even let you rent out her main apartment when she’s at her second home in Grasse but the studio is fabulous too. 


1. Angelina for lunch on Rue de Rivoli. Dessert is an absolute must here so definitely save room.

2. Pop into Faure Le Page on Rue Cambon (think Goyard but with a history of leather goods made for gun-toting….a little cooler and not as played out IMO)

3. Louis Vuitton Foundation

4. Food shopping for breakfast and snacks (and maybe a picnic) at LeBonMarche (the food hall is directly next to the department store which is very much worth a visit too…I also usually pop into the Conran Shop which is catty-corner to LBP since the one in NYC is no longer)

5. Early dinner at Bistrot Vivienne 


    1. Musee de Beaux Arts at the Petit Palais

    2. Musee Rodin (Great place to picnic when the weather is nice….take a morning snack of café au lait and some fresh fruit and dine among the outdoor sculptures. Afterwards, stroll the museum, which is small and shouldn’t take too long)

    3. Deyrolle (the famed taxidermy store, long an inspiration of Wes Anderson)

    4. Stroll down Rue de Bac….eat a light lunch (or skip entirely) followed by something sweet
    (sweet shops line this entire street and they are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the belly)

    5. Stop in to Popelini for an out of this world cream puff and to take a selfie in front of their “I Got Puffed in Paris” sign

      6. Assouline on Rue Bonaparte (Note: You will be near Le Bon Marche so if you didn’t get to go the day before, go now.)­

      7. Nap

      Image via Paramount Pictures

      8. Dinner at Le Grand Colbert. I love the smoked salmon with blinis to start, the roast chicken or a steak for my main and the baked Alaska for dessert.


      1. Pack a picnic lunch if it’s nice out Musee des Arts Decoratifs (walk there from the Studio) 

      2. Picnic in the Jardin de Tuilleries (just a couple of blocks further on Rue de Rivoli…pick up some postcards en route and do your postcard-writing at the same time) 

      Photo by Marco Verch

        3. Start the evening with a cocktail at Le Meurice (during Fashion Week this is the best place for people watching)

        4. Dinner back at the Musee Des Artes Decoratifs at Lou Lou (make sure to book…I like doing the museum the same day but that’s just me)


            1. Musee D’Orsay (I like the walk if it’s nice out). The impressionists and decorative arts collection are not to be missed. Take a selfie in front of the giant clock.

            2. Stroll along Boulevard St. Germain

            3. Musee YSL If you’re ambitious and have another museum in you, go to the Musee Picasso, one of my favorites (although a cab ride away)

            4. Dinner at Freddy’s or Semilla. Freddy’s is Semilla’s more casual little brother of a restaurant next door. It serves up small plates tapas style and a huge selection of great wines by the glass. Both are amazing experiences and are adjoined so you can’t go wrong (you’ll definitely need a reservation at Semilla).


              Because I spend about three weeks a year in Paris for work and I’m convinced we stay in the best place in all of Paris!

              I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR

              Paris window shopping and French Cheeses


              The crowds in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre….


              I go for Fashion Week (end of Sept/Early Oct. and March) which is an exciting time in Paris (at least if you’re into fashion) but April, May, June, and September are all fantastic months. I dramatically prefer Paris when it’s warmer.

              FAVORITE MEAL  

              Le Grand Colbert: Smoked Salmon and Blinis at / Steak or Chateaubriand / Crème brûlée or Baked Alaska (sure this place has gotten a little touristy since Diane Keaton raved about it in “Something’s Gotta Give” but the room is an atmospheric slice of heaven, the food is very French and doesn’t disappoint, and plenty of locals still eat here…This is about a 90-second walk from Le Palais Royale

              Bistrot Vivienne: Beef Tartar, Baked Camembert (not always available but if it is, get it!), / their incredible chicken and I rarely order chicken (I think it’s the Coquelet) / Chocolate Mousse is an absolute must and This is also about a 90-second walk from Le Palais Royale)

              I BRING HOME

              Goodies from Le Bon Marche, books from Deyrolle & quirky souvenirs from Colette

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