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It's National Cheese Day!

It's National Cheese Day!
Cheese lovers, rejoice! It's that time of year again—National Cheese Day. It’s the perfect (but not only!) occasion to celebrate the lactastic world of cheese. Today and every June 4th, poses a special opportunity to indulge in your favorite cheesy delights, discover new flavors, and embark on a global cheese adventure like no other. So grab your cheese knives, get your taste buds ready, and let's dive into the very dairy extravaganza! 

As all cheesemongers (cheese sellers), turophiles (cheese lovers), and affineurs (cheese makers) know, when it comes to cheese, there's a whole wide world out there waiting for us. Each country boasts its unique cheese culture, traditions, and products offering its own bouquet of flavors, textures, and uses that will leave you craving more. Here’s a quick peak at just a few (yes, the decision was next to impossible) worth toasting today!
Eiffel tower Paris France travel charm


Ah, the land of romance, art, and exquisite cheese, of course! France is home to a multitude of cheeses, but one that stands out is the magnificent Camembert. With its creamy, gooey texture and rich, earthy flavors, Camembert is a cheese buff’s dream come true. Imagine enjoying a slice of this divine cheese while picnicking in the picturesque French countryside. If you are planning a trip to this cheese-loving nation, there's an unforgettable experience you absolutely must indulge in: a cheese tour in the beautiful region of Normandy.

The "Camembert Experience" offered by Le Musée du Camembert in the village of Camembert is an immersive tour that delves into the history and production of this iconic French cheese. The tour begins with an introduction to the origins and cultural significance of Camembert. Visitors then explore the museum's exhibits, showcasing vintage cheese-making equipment and the evolution of Camembert production techniques.

A highlight of the tour is a live cheese-making demonstration, where experts guide visitors through the process. The experience culminates in a tasting session (could it really end any other way???) allowing guests to savor a range of Camembert cheeses and discover the flavors that develop with maturity.
Italy passport stamp travel charm


When we talk about cheese, we can't possibly overlook Italy—the birthplace of Parmesan, Mozzarella, and many more beloved varieties just waiting to top a pizza near you. However, one cheese that steals the show is the heavenly Burrata. This luscious cheese ball, filled with creamy stracciatella curd, will transport you to the sun-drenched regions of Puglia, where Burrata originated.

Pair it with ripe tomatoes and fresh basil, and you'll experience a burst of flavors that will make your taste buds sing. What better way to experience this cheese of choice than at an actual Apulian dairy farm?

Step into a captivating culinary journey at an 1800s farmhouse in Puglia, Italy, where a cheese, mozzarella, and burrata tasting experience awaits. This immersive tasting adventure encompasses four delightful stages. First, indulge in the flavors of freshly made mozzarella, delighting in its soft, stretchy texture. Next, savor the creamy richness of burrata, as it oozes with luscious stracciatella curd. Then, dive into a selection of aged and flavored mozzarella varieties, discovering the nuanced profiles of each.

Finally, sample a range of artisanal cheeses, showcasing the diverse flavors and craftsmanship of Puglia. It's a delectable journey that unveils the finest cheeses this region has to offer. 
Switzerland Zurich luggage tag travel charm


Nestled amidst the stunning Alpine landscapes, Switzerland brings us the famous Emmental cheese. Known for its iconic large holes and nutty flavor, this cheese is a true Swiss delight. Imagine yourself in a cozy Swiss chalet, savoring a fondue made with Emmental and Gruyère cheese, accompanied by crusty bread and a glass of crisp white wine. But you don’t have to simply imagine it, you can live it!

One of the best restaurants in Switzerland to savor a delectable Emmental and Gruyère cheese fondue is Restaurant Swiss Chuchi in Zurich. This charming establishment offers an authentic Swiss dining experience. The warm and rustic ambiance sets the stage for a memorable fondue feast.

Dive into the bubbling pot of melted cheese goodness, accompanied by a variety of traditional condiments and crispy bread cubes. With its central location and unwavering commitment to Swiss culinary traditions, Restaurant Swiss Chuchi is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional Emmental and Gruyère cheese fondue experience in Switzerland. It's a cheesy experience you won't forget!

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Spain, the land of vibrant culture and culinary marvels, presents us with the delectable Manchego cheese. Made from the milk of Manchega sheep, this firm yet buttery cheese boasts a distinct flavor that is both nutty and savory. To fully immerse yourself in the Spanish cheese scene, head to a tapas bar in Madrid, order a platter of Manchego paired with some juicy olives and a glass of Rioja wine.

Get your Manchego fix, as if there were any such thing, at the vibrant
Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. This iconic market offers a delightful array of local culinary treasures, including an exquisite selection of Manchego cheese. Wander through the bustling stalls, where expert cheesemongers showcase a range of Manchego varieties, from young and mild to aged and robust.

Engage with knowledgeable vendors who will guide you through the flavors and textures of this beloved Spanish cheese. Literally bring home a slice of Spain's cheese heritage.

Greek passport stamp charm travel


 Our cheese expedition wouldn't be complete without a stop in Greece, where the tangy and creamy Feta cheese reigns supreme. Crumble this classic cheese over a crisp Greek salad, or wrap it in flaky phyllo dough to make the beloved Spanakopita. If you're feeling adventurous, head to the stunning island of Crete and dive into a traditional Cretan meze feast, where Feta cheese takes center stage.

Experience a legendary Greek meze feast, complete with the tantalizing presence of feta cheese, at the renowned Taverna Kritiki Gi in Heraklion, Crete. This iconic taverna offers an authentic taste of Cretan cuisine. Delight in a vibrant array of meze dishes bursting with Mediterranean flavors, including the creamy goodness of feta cheese paired with olives, sun-drenched tomatoes, and aromatic herbs.

With its charming ambiance, warm hospitality, and an extensive menu showcasing the best of Greek cuisine, Taverna Kritiki Gi is a must-visit destination for a remarkable meze experience celebrating the beloved feta cheese.

Parmesan cheese charm Italy
 If this virtual cheese journey has left you yearning for more cheesy experiences, why not wear your love for cheese on your sleeve…or neck? The Parmesan cheese grater is an adorable charm, crafted with meticulous attention to detail like Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese engraved into the rind, Italy etched in the national language, and the seal of approval or D.O.P. which stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, and means Protected Designation of Origin. It's a whimsical reminder of the joy that cheese brings to our lives.