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Life in Sweet: Middle East Edition

Life in Sweet: Middle East Edition
Daydreaming lately? Yeah, us, too. If you’ve found yourself drifting off to ancient cities, pristine beaches, landscapes that look like paintings, and hotels that look like sci-fi movies; the Middle East just might be at the forefront of your mind. Join us as we mentally book our one-way tickets to the Cradle of Civilization and remember that life is sweet.


OMG-Worthy Musts in the Middle East  

No place serves up one-of-a-kind adventures quite like Asia! Get started with our shortlist. 

Travel Memories:
My Favorite Moments in Morocco


From the bustling markets to the mouthwatering tagine to the striking, blue-washed city walls, the North African nation of Morocco is one big, beautiful sensory overload you couldn’t forget if you tried!