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Life is Still Sweet: Six Weeks of Sweet

Life is Still Sweet: Six Weeks of Sweet
Do you ever think about what you would say to your past self if you could? Your January 2020 self, for example? Maybe, you’d suggest they go ahead and grab coffee with that friend who lives in the same city but never see. Enjoy the great outdoors. Buy an extra roll of toilet paper or two. How about a few board games? Canadian actor, writer, and funny lady Julie Nolke, took to Youtube to explore what it would be like to visit herself four months ago and the advice she would impart: “Put a little money in me.” And while these things are important, maybe you would also encourage yourself to be positive. Be realistic, of course, but look for and cherish the amazing examples of kindness, heroism, and creativity that exist all around us and remind us that life is still sweet.

1. Dive into Nature

What happens to tourism when the tourists are all at home in their pajamas? In the case of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, tourism teamed up with science to collaborate on some much needed coral restoration. For the first time, tour operators are working alongside researchers to plant coral throughout the world’s largest coral reef system which means healthy coral now and breathtaking  scuba and snorkeling experiences when we finally leave our couches one day. 

2. That's Nuts!

Squirrels are hilarious-what with their backyard antics and bushy little tails. But one Mom in Illinois harnessed their true potential when she started selling tiny picnic tables for them. Lunchroom and playground aid, Maria Trezza was suddenly out of work and in need of a source of income when schools closed due to Coronavirus. With the help of her business-minded son and crafty neighbor, Trezza started selling a few wooden tables for friends, complete with red and white checkered table cloth and bag of peanuts wrapped in a bow. Now business is booming and people (and squirrels?) can’t get enough.

3. The Ultimate Stay-Cation
Is your roller-board feeling a little neglected? Do you miss the thrill of sprinting through a terminal to catch a flight or the suspense of waiting for your luggage on the baggage carousel? Jetsetters determined to keep their travel skills sharp are posting videos to Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter that recreate their airport experiences using treadmills and empty suitcases. It might just be the next best thing until we can safely fly the friendly skies once again.


4. Ain't No Party like a Quarantine Party

The club may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with friends and party like it’s 1999. Tune into Instagram Live where celebrity DJ D-Nice is spinning tracks and hosting massive dance parties on the daily. We’re talking 100K-live-viewers-massive! You can also catch an array of guest stars making appearances during sets including Rihanna, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, and yes, Bernie Sanders.

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5. Open Mic with Mom



Jenie Borders, of Wyoming could tell you what life is like at home with three kids during quarantine but she’d rather sing it to you. After weeks of being cooped up inside amidst mounting arguments, constant cleaning, and a dwindling supply of vino, this mom processed her experience through a relatable parody of the chart topping song “Dance Monkey" by Australian electropop singer, Tones and I.