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Life is Still Sweet: And the Sweet Goes On

Life is Still Sweet: And the Sweet Goes On
Yup, this is still happening. Really. Can you believe it? You need a haircut, a vacation, maybe even a drink. I think we can all agree that it's 5 o'clock somewhere when you're in quarantine. Time is funny: crawling slower than molasses and racing forward at warp speed all at the same time. We're finding new ways to celebrate our favorite spring holidays and birthdays from miles and continents apart. Who knew that a bunch of little squares singing to you on a screen would feel like all you ever wanted? We're making the best out of the worst and getting better at it all the time. And it's in those little moments that we're reminded that life is still sweet.

1. Dress to Impress

All dressed up and no place to go? Apparently, that’s just a matter of opinion. Taking out the trash might be the only thing on our social calendars these days but some Australians with a flare for fashion have challenged each other to dress for the occasion. We’re talking formal gowns, unicorn onesies, superhero costumes, inflatable T-Rex suits, and even the occasional swimsuit.. 

2. Going the Distance

So, there’s bored and then there’s running a full marathon in your backyard bored. As a way to celebrate his 32nd birthday (and yes, the term “celebrate,” is being used pretty loosely here), James Campbell spent five hours running 26.2 miles back and forth in his garden and even live streamed the whole thing on Twitter. In addition to getting super sweaty, the stunt raised over $22,000 for Britain’s National Health Service.

3. Animal Kingdom


It’s not quite Planet of the Apes level yet but there is a substantial animal takeover going down. With the majority of the world under lockdown, some pretty bold members of the animal kingdom are reclaiming their turf. Mountain goats are strutting their stuff through the empty streets of Llandudno, Wales; flocks of ducks are congregating along major avenues in Adana, Turkey; and herds of cattle are catching some rays on the beaches of Poriccio, Corsica. 


4. Meet and (not) Greet

As more time passes without seeing another human being IRL (no, your plants don’t count), it’s fair to say some of those people skills might be getting a bit rusty. One friendly toddler is setting a solid example of how not to let a little social distancing affect your social skills. Instead, Ralph greets imaginary passersby each day on his morning walk. Definitely cuter when you’re three

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Moms will do almost anything to make their kids happy and these days that includes playing a bartender at a fake nightclub in the garage. When it became clear no one was going to be hitting the town any time soon, a mother in New Jersey decided to open the rather exclusive “Club Quarantine" to celebrate her son’s 21st birthday complete with a bouncer and free shots all around. They grow up so fast!