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Life is Still Sweet: ConGRADuations!

Life is Still Sweet: ConGRADuations!


1. Yes, They Will!

 The class of 2020 may not know what it feels like to walk across a stage in an ill-fitting polyester sack and be handed a piece of paper by a stranger but they will know what wise words Barack and Michelle Obama have to impart about the future. That’s right, after soon-to-b-graduates from around the world implored the Obamas to give a commencement speech at their virtual ceremonies, it’s actually happening! The commencement ceremony featuring the dream team as well as guests like Lady Gaga, Malala Yousafzai, and Alphabet CEO Sundar Piachi will be broadcast via livestream on June 6th to honor graduates from high school, university, and everything in between.

2. Pet Peeve

 In the WFH age, “dog crashed my weather forecast" somehow seems a lot more plausible than “dog ate my homework.” Tampa-based meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was minding his own business informing the good people of Florida about, oh probably, a day of perfect sunny weather, when his Golden Retriever, Brody, decided to reclaim the spotlight. A little hungry and a bit curious about the cameraman filming from outside the window, Brody stole the show and captured the hearts of viewers with his endearing disruption.

3. Drive-In Diplomas


The only thing showing at the drive-in theater in North Salem, New York these days is a graduation ceremony. After forgoing classes, end-of-year celebrations, and prom, Principal Vince DiGrandi thought his high school seniors deserved a little something special to commemorate their big accomplishment. Instead of the typical pomp and circumstance, all 103 grads plan to pull up in decorated cars, watch the valedictorian speech in high def on a massive movie screen, and receive their diploma from the comfort of their vehicles with the help of of 6-foot retractable arm that their Principal had specially made for the occasion by the industrial arts teacher. And the after party? A screening of “Groundhog Day,” of course. This just might be the start of a new tradition!

4. The Great Indoors

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes that word is “pancakes.” Stuck inside, travel photographer, Erin Sullivan got creative about capturing the beauty of the great outdoors from the great indoors. With the help of salt, cotton balls, paper bags, piles of laundry, and yes, pancakes, Sullivan is recreating her favorite natural wonders like mountain ranges, lakes, canyons, and ice caves with what she can find around the house.

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5. Proud Parents

Just because in-person ceremonies are out doesn’t mean your parents can’t gush about your accomplishments in public. That's what billboards are for! Brandon Truett had just earned his PhD in English after defending his dissertation via Zoom when he got a larger than life reminder of just how proud his parents are. A 14-foot reminder, to be exact. Father Jimmy, who hadn’t graduated high school himself, honored his son’s 6-year journey with a billboard in his hometown of Conway, South Carolina for friends, family, and people on the internet to behold.