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Life is Still Sweet: Even More Inspiration to Share

Life is Still Sweet: Even More Inspiration to Share
It’s been weeks, maybe years since you started your new WFH lifestyle. Well, more like work from home, eat from home, yoga from home, procrastinate from home. You get it. Or you’re out there on the front lines being the kind of hero that we are all so grateful for right now. In any case, someone answers your check-in text with the phrase “strange times" at least once a day and we’re all looking for something refreshing to brighten up this new normal. Here’s yet another reminder that life is still sweet!  

1. A Round of Applause


Whether you’re the kind of person who claps when the plane lands or not (hey, no judgement here) cities across the globe are synchronizing like 80s aerobics to show their gratitude for healthcare workers each and every night with a round of applause.

2. Repurposing with Purpose

Maybe you’re a diehard baseball fan clued into every home-dunk-touchdown or maybe you don’t know what all the fuss is about but Major League Baseball is doing some stuff we can all root for these days. Instead of letting uniforms collect dust while the season is cancelled, MLB will be donating jerseys to be made into protective masks for healthcare workers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. And who doesn’t like a flattering pinstripe?

3. Works of Art


They say boredom breeds creativity so let’s just say we’re reaching da Vinci levels right about now. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California is encouraging people to put that pent-up artistic energy to good use by challenging art lovers everywhere to recreate famous paintings using only household items. You know, it’s funny how a few rolls of toilet paper and some oranges suddenly look unmistakably like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night" or a carved potato seamlessly transforms into “The Scream" by Edvard Munch. And all it took was just a few weeks of total home isolation! 


Looking for a little more inspiration? Indonesian-based artist and friend-of-JSC, Kelly Garrett Rathbone is keeping busy during quaran-times with her own re-imagining of classic paintings. Check it out.





4. An Open Book

As if things weren’t stressful enough, many parents are now home with the kids 24/7; playing the part of chef, activities instructor, and even teacher. Mary Poppins, where are you? The New York Public Library might be the next best thing. To help preserve our sanity, NYPL is now offering free online student support including things like one-on-one remote tutoring and lots of online videos and things to do.

Read more here: NYPL Connect: Introducing Free Online Tutoring for Students, Digital Research Books, and More

5. It's Lit

Could there be anything more spectacular than the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Larger than life than Rio’s Christ the Redeemer? More mind blowing than Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza? Let us shed a little light on it. Landmarks from around the world have illuminated the night with messages of encouragement for the public and appreciation for health workers. Displays range from the pulsing red light atop New York City’s Empire State Building to symbolize the heartbeat of the nation to massive projections of “#hope” and “stay home" atop the snowy peak of Switzerland’s Matterhorn.