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Life is Still Sweet: Because of YOU!

Life is Still Sweet: Because of YOU!

They say not all heroes wear capes or, these days, even pants. We're talking about the at-home heroes who have stepped up and managed to make the most of life despite the unprecedented circumstances. Our innovation knows no bounds and in exploring its limits, we've brought joy, healing, and helping to ourselves and the people in our home, our communities, and beyond. It's the mother who hosts an at-home prom for her teenage daughter, the yoga instructor posting free classes so you can get your daily vinyasa on, the BFF who texts you a corny joke every morning, the DJ hosting a virtual dance party, the partner who plans movie nights complete with the best chips and guac on the planet. We've endured more than we ever imagined and came out still (relatively) sane and smiling. Pat yourself on the back. You are the reason why life is still sweet!

1. Flower Power

New York City is known as many things but the city that never smells isn’t one of them. Until now. Designer Lewis Miller has been freshening up trash cans around the city with grand, vivid floral arrangements that he calls “floral flash" as a way to exercise his creative muscle and brighten the day of essential workers passing by.

2. Gone to the Birds

Museums have been a bit lonely these days and penguins need their enrichment, too. There’s only one solution. Three Humboldt penguins from the Kansas City Zoo were let loose to explore the collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. An afternoon contemplating Baroque paintings just might make up for decreased  interaction with keepers and zoo goers.

3. Fairy Tale 


It should come as no surprise that the Tooth Fairy is an essential worker. At least in the eyes of 7-year-old Evolette who lost a tooth this month. She was deeply concerned for the Tooth Fairy’s safety and insisted her Mom sew a mask to leave out during the late night visit. With that, Mom, Kayla, sewed her 178th mask (the teeny, tiniest by far) and did her part to keep the citizens of Fairy Land safe from harm. 


4. Movie Night

Put on your poodle skirt and hop in your Buick--the 1950s are back! At least the drive-in theater part. Yankee Stadium is reinventing itself for the summer as a venue for live music and movies from the comfort of your car just like the good ol’ days. And you can expect raffles, games, local eats, and we can only imagine “let’s all go to the lobby" on repeat.

Watch here: Travel and Leisure: Yankee Stadium Is Being Turned Into a Drive-in Concert and Movie Venue This Summer

5. A Tip of the Hat


A cafe in Schwerin, Germany is enforcing a very strict dress code. Pool noodles. After re-opening its doors, Cafe Rothe is providing its patrons with hats topped with two colorful pool noodles to enforce social distancing rules. It’s fashionable and functional. Oh, and foam.