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LIFE IS STILL SWEET: Our Second Installment

LIFE IS STILL SWEET: Our Second Installment
By this point, it’s likely you’ve baked enough bread to seriously consider a career change. You’ve named all of your plants, joined more Zoom game nights than you can count, and have suddenly become a power user on Tik Tok. You’re missing friends and family and even that misty memory of wearing real pants. But we’re alone (and potentially losing our minds) together. As the weeks go on, we continue to unite over the small things that remind us that life is still sweet!   

1. Smells Sweet


Remember when Beanie Babies were the hot ticket? Cabbage Patch Kids? Tickle Me Elmo? Well, if you haven’t noticed, these days it’s masks, gloves, and a little accessory called hand sanitizer. Infinitely less cuddly but all too important for our safety. French luxury goods conglomerate, 
LVMH, is known for producing perfume (remember when we cared about smelling good? Good! Neither do we...) but now they’re switching gears and pumping out massive quantities of that liquid gold. Hand sanitizer made at the Dior, Givenchy, and Guerlain factories will be distributed to French health agencies, free of charge. 

2. Furry Friends

By the time you finish Netflix (we imagine that was about a week ago) you might be wondering how best to pass the time and find fulfillment in the world. Cut to: dogs. Or cats or guinea pigs. Whatever your pre-furr-ed pet, shelters and adoption agencies are in need of foster homes for their animals before they shut down shop. And it’s not such a bad gig. Welcoming a furry friend into your home during quarantine provides us humans with much-needed comfort and companionship, not to mention love. Win-win!

3. Creative Dance

Sweating it out after a hard day of work or school or just dealing with public transit was a ritual for many of us. Doing old Tae Bo DVDs in your living room just doesn’t quite cut it somehow. But a little creativity, a megaphone, and some Rihanna at full blast helped a community in Utah organize a neighborhood-wide cardio dance class.

4. Global Support

Italy needs a little love right now (don’t we all...), and Cuba stepped. It. Up. Despite the risks and mortal danger and the whole being on a plane for 12 hours part, 150 Cuban doctors trekked to the region of Lombardy in Northern Italy to support medical teams there. And if that wasn’t enough, Cuban healthcare providers have been making rounds in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Jamaica, and Suriname, too.

Read more here: MPN News: Images of Cuban Doctors Helping Italy Go Viral, Burst Media Narrative

5. Love is Always in the Air

Yes, it’s love in the time of Coronavirus. Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler heard the news that the NYC marriage bureau would be shutting down until further notice and had to act fast to tie the knot. The couple opted for an extremely intimate and...inventive ceremony. Just two lovebirds, a city sidewalk, and a minister hanging out of a 4th story window. The stuff of modern fairytales!