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Life is Sweet: Fourth of July

Life is Sweet: Fourth of July
 Looks like someone’s got a birthday coming up! And not to gossip or anything, but she’s getting pretty up there in years. Break out the party hats and start singing because it’s America’s bday! She’ll be 244 this year. Doesn’t look a day over her bicentennial. And her slightly younger upstairs neighbor, Canada, will be hitting the big 1-5-3 on July 1st. These gals have seen a lot over the decades with all the proud moments and growing pains you’d expect. This year, the party might look a little different but you can still RSVP. And with a little creativity, tech savvy, and spirit it’s guaranteed to be a celebration that’ll go down in history.


It's a Celebration

Independence Day might look a little different this year but she’s still going strong!  


Los Angeles’s Grand Park is moving its annual block party
online with all the comedy, live musical, cooking demos,
and fun a patriot could dream of!





You can (still) dance if you want to! Catch Chicago SummerDance’s special Independence Day
SummerDance in Place broadcast to learn some new salsa moves
and bust ‘em from the privacy of your living room.





Do sandwiches exist in cyberspace? The Wawa Welcome America Festival says yes!
The longstanding Philadelphia festival and founding father of
Hoagie Day is doing it all virtually!




Oh, Canada Quiz

What do you know about the US Neighbor to the North?


  1. YYZ is not just the name of a famous classic rock jam but an airport in which Canadian city?
  2. Poutine is a delish dish that comes from Quebec and is made up of french fries, gravy, and what other ingredient?
  3. The red and white Canadian flag features what symbol front and center?
  4. What nickname was given to Canada’s one dollar coin? Hint: Think bird with a real case of the giggles.
  5. You oughta know the name of this famous Canadian singer-songwriter whose music recently inspired a Broadway musical.


    Toronto/cheese curds/maple leaf/Loonie/Alanis Morissette


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    National Gallery of Art

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    Philadelphia Museum of Art

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