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LIFE IS SWEET: Summer is NOT Cancelled

LIFE IS SWEET: Summer is NOT Cancelled
Summertime is in the air! The days are getting longer, the shorts are getting shorter, and that itch, that urge, that desire to explore is getting stronger! We’re missing travel big time right now but we’re powering through by reminiscing about all of those meals, museums, summits, shopping, flights and festivals we’ve been lucky enough to experience. All those adventures and, admittedly, misadventures we’ve had along the way. But those just make for funny stories later, right? And while travel may be on pause for the moment, summer is not cancelled. Neither is our imagination. We’re walking down memory lane and getting a little creative to serve up some virtual vacay recommendations that remind us that life is sweet.

TRAVEL MEMORIES: A Weekend Getaway to Santo Domingo


The sun! The surf! The not being in my living room! Get in on this armchair travel to the cultural capital (and actual capital) of the Dominican Republic.
It may be the off-season, but that just means more "me time" on the beach! Get the full scoop on what to eat, drink, see, and experience during your trip to Santo Domingo HERE.

Cheers to Vacay!


Can't get enough of those Caribbean vibes? Try this! The Dominican favorite translates to "to die while dreaming" and is certainly to die for...or dream about for that matter. A surprisingly delicious combination of milk and orange juice, this drink pairs perfectly with dinner or some mid-day relaxation. 


  • 4 cups of evaporated milk
  • 2 ½ cups of orange juice (ideally fresh)
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups of ice (may be cubed or crushed)


  • Chill the evaporated milk
  • Add sugar to your taste
  • Stir in vanilla
  • Add ice while stirring
  • Pour in the OJ and stir to perfection.
  • Sit back, sip, and enjoy!
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Summer Staycation Snapshots



New Yorkers get their Vinyasa on with virtual yoga classes hosted by Bryant Park. You can join in on the downwards dogs Tuesday mornings at 10:00 AM or Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM EST right on their IG. Stay tuned for park reopening in the future!





Pandemic, but make it fashion!  This Parisian gallery is opening its doors but not without mandatory distancing hats for visitors. Brainchild of French artist, Dominique Pouzol, the hats are not only meant to protect museum-goers from COVID-19 but also act as a big, bold way to prompt questions about protection from intolerance, violence, and other societal ills will persist post lockdown. 





You can still enjoy a walk in the park in San Francisco, just stay in your safety circle, that's all. Parks across the land of the Golden Gate including Dolores Park, Washington Square Park, Little Marina Green, and the green near Jackson Playground are adding a little geometry for the sake of social distancing and to avoid full on park closure.