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President's Day is Sweet

President's Day is Sweet

Enjoy your three day weekend with some sweet stories of Presidents past.

#1 George Washington
POTUS #1 also ran one of the biggest distilleries in his day and was said to have a special place in his heart for peach brandy.

#16 Abraham Lincoln
The first President to sport a full beard got the style tip from an 11-year-old girl who suggested the new look in a letter.

#26 Theodore Roosevelt
Lots of Presidents took their beloved pets with them to the White House. Only Theodore Roosevelt brought his hyena, Bill.

#35 John F. Kennedy
We have JFK to thank for the gift of Amanda Gorman. He kicked off the inaugural poet tradition in 1961 with none other than Robert Frost.

#44 Barack Obama
A monument known as the “Kissing Rock” marks the spot of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first kiss—outside of a Baskin Robbins in Hyde Park, Chicago.


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