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Tastes like Americana

Tastes like Americana
American innovation – the spirit that's given us everything from moon landings to jazz, comic books, and Barbie. But if there's one domain where the sheer wackiness and deliciousness of American ingenuity shines through, it's undoubtedly the things we put in our mouths. That's right, we're talking about the finger-licking, thirst-quenching, and oh-so-iconic foods that have not only filled our bellies but also shaped our culture. And what better way to honor this culinary creativity than by delving into the fizz and flair of Coca-Cola and the ketchup-coated magic of Heinz, all now lovingly commemorated by Jet Set Candy's Americana collection? Adorable details from top to bottom and a fun nod to the taste of summer all year round. 

But what do you know about these Americana essentials? Let's start with the nectar of the carbonated gods – Coca-Cola. It's more than just a beverage; it's a cultural icon. Think about it – from Elvis to Santa Claus, everyone's got a bit of Coca-Cola in their heart (or at least in their fridge). This caramel-hued concoction made its sparkling debut in 1886, thanks to the curious mind of John S. Pemberton. A pharmacist by trade, he accidentally invented a beverage that would go on to become a global phenomenon. The secret formula? Well, that remains one of the world's most closely guarded secrets, locked away in a vault and guarded by mythical soda-fueled unicorns (or so we like to imagine).
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If you want to learn more secrets of America’s favorite drink then Atlanta, Georgia is calling your name! The World of Coca-Cola stands as a living testament to the global phenomenon of this beloved beverage. As you step into its hallowed halls, you'll be transported through time and innovation, discovering the captivating story behind Coca-Cola's inception and growth. Visitors can marvel at vintage advertisements, explore interactive displays that detail the bottling process, and even catch a glimpse of the intricate machinery that brings this iconic drink to life.

And let's not forget about Heinz ketchup – the sticky, tangy, universally beloved condiment that turns every meal into a feast for the senses. Henry J. Heinz had a vision: he wanted to bring the vibrant flavors of ripe tomatoes to every table in America. Or really, wanted to give the USA an alternative to the popular fermented fish sauce (really!) that was widely used to liven up the taste or cover up the expired-ness of food. Tomatoes sound like a bit of an improvement! So, he whipped up the first batch of his legendary ketchup in 1876. Fast forward to today, and Heinz ketchup bottles have become a fixture in kitchens, diners, and picnics across the land. Whether you're dipping your fries or adding a dollop to your hotdog, you're indulging in a time-tested tradition that has found a special place in the hearts (and taste buds) of Americans. 

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Heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? The Senator John Heinz History Center, located in downtown Iron City, is more than just a museum dedicated to a single food item. It's a comprehensive exploration of American history and culture, with a diverse range of exhibits spanning various topics like sports, media (think Mister Rogers!), the military, African American history, and the industrial age. And yes, ketchup. Within the museum walls, visitors can delve into the intriguing history of ketchup, tracing its origins from ancient civilizations to its evolution into a staple condiment in American kitchens. The museum offers insights into the production, marketing, and cultural significance of ketchup, showcasing how it has become emblematic of American culinary traditions and innovation. And, of course, you can snap a photo beside an 11-foot ketchup bottle.

The taste of American innovation is ever present in our 3D Amer-I-can and USA Ketchup charms. Pair with luggage tags from your favorite US cities or create a whole charm bracelet with 3D charms that commemorate the country from sea to shining sea.  

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