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Perfect Gifts for the Traveler in your Life (even if that traveler is you!)

Perfect Gifts for the Traveler in your Life (even if that traveler is you!)
Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because--there's always a reason to share a gift with the people we love. And sometimes those people are travelers! And sometimes those people are actually just ourselves. That's okay, too! Travel inspires so many great gifts (including JSC jewelry, of course!) and below you'll find just a few more of our faves to either take for the ride or enjoy while reminiscing of travels past or plan for the next big adventure. 



Do you know what takes up a ton of space in your luggage? Water bottles! But staying hydrated is super important. What to do? Cue the  Que Bottle! Que has created this super cute, silicon water bottle alternative. The bottles expand to fit up to 12 or 20 ounces of water depending on the model, then spiral down to be nice and compact when they're empty. They're great for trekking across Europe, days hikes, or just a little jaunt in the park. There are tons of colors to fit your style and Que even makes a handy little stainless steal cap with a loop so you can clip it somewhere to be more accessible.




Is there anything more satisfying than a scratch off ticket? How about one that complements your wanderlust? And looks cool hanging in your living room? For those among us who love to log and list their adventures, the Scratch Map is a fun, visual way to keep track of where you've been and where you wanna go. Every time you cross a new destination off your to-do list, scratch off the gold foil to reveal pretty colors of accomplishment. Plus, they make new rainbow foil editions and scratch globes, too!  





Dream of  travel when you cuddle up to, you guessed it, an IATA Code pillow. Airportage Throw Pillow makes tons of square, squishy options to honor your favorite destinations all over the globe from to Auckland to Zurich. That's A to Z in travel talk. And you can choose the perfect size (from 16" X 16" to 26" X 26"), and  even customize them with passenger names, origin, and other flight info from the best trip ever. If you're feeling crazy, Airportag also makes comforters, shower curtains, backpacks, sleep masks, and kind of everything for house and home and travel.




There's no place like home! And nothing smells quite like it. Homesick Candles knows that better than anyone and offers a whole product line based on the idea of olfactory memories. Their natural soy wax candles represent cities, states, and countries abroad with tons of different, complex scents that make us feel like we're right there once again. I mean, Vermont is a combo of apple, maple, and baked pie. Brazil is orange, mango, and ocean breeze. Who could argue with that? 




Your coffee addiction, I mean, interest just might be your ticket to world travel! Indulge in your favorite morning pick-me-up and get a taste of amazing locations around the globe with Atlas Coffee Club. Each month you'll receive a bag of java from a new location complete with brewing tips, flavor notes, and an adorable postcard! Over 50 countries produce coffee so there's more than enough to sample. Choose your preferred roast and bean type and they'll do the rest. Bon voyage!