Here at Jet Set Candy, we love chic souvenirs, especially British Souvenirs. And Royal Weddings. And Meghan & Harry. So of course we are having a blast seeing all of the truly unique Royal Wedding souvenirs that have been created to commemorate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Whether you’re lucky enough to attend the Royal Wedding (or at least be in England for this epic occasion) or if you simply want a souvenir to mark your memories of it from afar then look no further.  And we promise, we are huge fans of the British Royal Family and aren’t just jumping on the Royal Bandwagon (so to speak). In fact, when we launched our travel-inspired jewelry collection back in October 2014, we launched with more travel charms and jewelry for London and the U.K. than we did for anywhere else (well, I think we were tied with New York but that’s our hometown!).
So without further ado, here are our favorite Meghan and Harry souvenirs we’ve found and we think they are the best Royal Wedding Souvenirs out there. They certainly are playful (and a little cheeky, just like us). We hope this is the Royal Wedding Souvenir Round-Up to end all round ups. Enjoy.


Nothing says British Souvenir better than something related to tea, the Brits afterall are known for taking the ritual of tea drinking and elevating it to an art form. We love that this set of four spoons is gold and a little bit fancy too (make that posh!).
Liberty London is one of my all time favorite stores and a trip to London doesn’t feel complete without a stop there. While this London souvenir isn’t specific to the Royal Wedding, it does feature something quintessentially British (and Royal): a Queen’s Guard. I’ve always said I like tall guys. ; )
Isn’t this tea towel so fun? As an American, I would call it a “dish towel” but tea towel sounds so much lovelier, doesn’t it?! Love the hand-made style and the flowers and the American Flag paired with the Union Jack. This is the ultimate souvenir for any Anglophile American who is thrilled that one of our own will now get to call themselves a British Royal, myself included. I definitely plan on adding this dishtea towel to my kitchen.
Fancy your chances with Prince Harry? Got eyes for a duke? Tie the knot with a British royal and go from commoner to queen. Your palace awaits!
This intricate spinner charm is two-sided and features a moving wheel that spins. Each side contains 8 choices, one side has different Royals who could be your “Future Husband” and the other side has “Future Homes”:

King-To-Be George
Prince Harry

After Prince Harry and  Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding on Saturday, we will be retiring the current version of our Marry British Royalty Spinner Charm for good (tear).  So this is pretty much your last chance to get the ultimate Royal Wedding Souvenir in my opinion (or should I say Pre-Wedding Souvenir?!). This movable charm is incredibly versatile and looks equally great on a charm bracelet or a charm necklace and can be layered with other travel charms from England or from elsewhere in the world! : )
How adorable is this limited edition apron from Milly Green? This apron was designed to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and is the perfect souvenir for any royal-lover who loves to cook. Milly Green is a British designer with a style and sensibility that is quintessentially British (and quirky!).
We love this Harry & Meghan Mug from Harrods and the fact that it has the date of the Royal Wedding included in the artwork (May 19th, 2018 in case you’ve been living under a rock!).  Now every morning  you can be transported back to Windsor Castle while having your coffeetea from this fun mug. It’ll also double as the picture-perfect prop for your selfie if you #doitforthegram. Royals are probably not normally associated with drinking from mugs but we like to think that Meghan & Harry are in fact “just like us”…he did propose over a roast chicken dinner after all!
I die. This is probably the wackiest Royal Wedding Souvenir I’ve come across which is exactly why I love it so much. Is spending $56 dollars on a box of cereal slightly insane? Absolutely. But this concept is just so out there and hilarious that I couldn’t resist.  I really hope that the creator of the Wedding Rings Cereal gets it into Meghan’s and Harry’s hands and that they put out pictures of themselves eating their own cereal. So meta. So 2018. They clearly do have a sense of humor about themselves so fingers crossed…!
I need this cookie tin in my life. These cookies are so adorable and the best part is that once you’ve eaten them all you will still get to keep this adorable commemorative royal wedding biscuit tin as a lasting souvenir. The cookies feature all sorts of fun royal wedding motifs, including Queen’s Guards, Harry’s & Meghan’s wedding attire, the Royal Carriage, and many other fun symbols that will no doubt be part of the pomp and circumstance that marks the day and makes it memorable.
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