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Voted "Most Charming"

Voted "Most Charming"
We love each and everyone one of our charms equally. Of course we do! But some, we just can't deny, win the hearts of our jetsetters time and time again! We've wrangled a list of our so-called "most charming" pieces of candy; from whimsical 3Ds to newer customizable charms to beloved go-tos.
Voted by you, awarded by us!

And here's a little rundown of the above winners if you're still getting to know the ever-growing fleet of charms!
1) First, we have our customizable boarding pass charm ready for your dates and details to make it totally your own.
2) Secondly, the enduring popularity of London puts this LHR (Heathrow) luggage tag on the map.
3) The mini airplane joins the ranks as well--always a perfect addition to accent a passport stamp or luggage tag on a chain. 
4) La dolce vita calls as our customers can't get enough of Italian passport stamp charms.
5) Part of our Micro-tourism collection, the vintage suitcase with stickers was an immediate bestseller. I mean, look at those details!
6) The Eiffel Tower is both iconic and totally adorable. No better way to celebrate a trip to the most romantic city on the planet.
7) If you've ever spent a day in NYC, you'll know how essential the MetroCard is. We feel the same was about its charm equivalent. One of the most-traveled cities seems to attract just as many I heart NYers to the entire NYC charm collection, too!
8) Culture, beaches, and amazing food beckon as the Mexico passport stamp charm makes the top charm cut.
9) The Chrysler Building charm is just as alluring in our collection as it is in person. Open to reveal a key to the city you can wear in our out!
10) And lastly but not leastly (?) our passport book is another wow-worthy moveable, featuring four pages of passport stamps! Flip the latch and browse the pages of adventures. Then start planning your own!

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