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Make It Personal

Celebrate where you've lived, honeymooned, went to college, spent a semester abroad or even record you vaccination details! Engraving adds a meaningful finish to your Jet Set Candy charms.

Luggage Tags

Choose from over 200 cities worldwide and add your engraving to the back. Each tag showcases the corresponding three-letter IATA (International Air Transport Association) code as well as unique details that represent the place.

Passport Stamps

Choose from over 200 countries and add engraving to the back. Passport stamp charms are inspired by the actual entry and exit stamps for each individual country and territory.

Boarding Passes

Travel souvenirs don’t get more personal than this! Take your worse-for-wear boarding pass and turn it into memories that last. Our fully customizable boarding pass charm makes the perfect gift for jetsetters (even if that jetsetter is you!)

Air Mail Charms

Get personal with the chance to engrave a message in the delivery address, share who it’s from in the return address, add a special date or symbol in the postmark stamp, and get creative with a quote, initials, or special saying on the back flap.

New York Postcard Charms

Drop a line from your favorite big city with our vintage style NYC postcard charm. The back features the perfect amount of space to add a message and address of your own.

Broadway Tickets

The show goes on with our customizable Broadway tickets. Commemorate every detail from the stellar seats you scored to the name of the production and big occasion that brought you there.

Passport Books

If your most prized possession is your passport, this charm might just be your next destination. Personalize it by adding engraving on the back.

Concert Tickets

Like your favorite song, your concert memories live in your head rent-free. Our customizable concert ticket preserves the night your beloved band took the stage.

Vaccine Card

Customize with your vaccine of choice, dosage, and the date. Now that you’re vaxed, it’s time to pack and start planning your next adventure.

Bespoke Passport

Inspired by actual entry and exit stamps for over 200 countries and territories around the globe, this charm is a one-of-a-kind souvenir. For the finishing touch, add a personalized message or your initials and a date on the back.

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