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Life is Sweet: Adventures in Asia

Life is Sweet: Adventures in Asia
This week it’s all about the continent that has a 200 foot Buddha statue carved into a mountainside, a special feast day dedicated to monkeys, cherry blossom flavored potato chips, hotels staffed by robots, and a sport called sky biking. If you can dream it, Asia’s got it! This inventory of unparalleled wonders that awaits simply reminds us that life is sweet! 


Seven Totally Singular Experiences in Asia 

No place serves up one-of-a-kind adventures quite like Asia! Get started with our shortlist. 

Travel Memories:
Best of the Philippines: Boracay


If you love the idea of an island vacation, Boracay is considered one of the best islands in Asia and well, pretty much the world. It's famous for its blue waters and endless stretches of sandy powder white beaches. Thanks to the efforts of locals and the Philippines government, Boracay’s ocean remains crystal clear and clean. With so many things to eat and do (or not do and just relax), you’ll never run out of reasons to love Boracay. 



Behind the Charms

Have you ever picked up a charm and thought, “OMG! I love this!” Of course you have. Have you also ever looked at that same charm and wondered, “but what is it exactly?” Happens all the time! There’s a lot of backstory packed in every little charm and we’re here to break it down.


    Wanna see more puppet action? Check out this performance straight from the source!


    Holi Hijinks in Hampi, India



    Add a fabulous dimension to your trip by planning it around a festival. If your destination is India, mark your calendar for Holi, the ancient Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil and is nicknamed “the festival of colors” for good reason!